eCommerce is changing and evolving. Influencers and their partnering agencies are the foundation of this change.

Live video shopping is a new marketing channel that influencers can leverage. The benefits are immense to e-store owners as they can finally humanize their business – it’s no longer a lifeless list of products. At the same time, store owners can finally own their users and bring them from the social networks that encourage a minimal attention span towards their website and surprise them with their brand experience.

The influencers can deliver better performance to their clients, which translates into higher fees for influencers.

And the shift towards live video shopping is not supposed to be a shift, it’s an add-on: you can stream on all social networks and on the customer’s portal, all at the same time! It’s a win-win for everyone.


How do we add value?

StageMe is looking to develop long-term and win-win relationships with influencers and influencer agencies.

Through our partnership program, we bring you a new revenue stream and technology that you can leverage.

You will get to use the latest and most feature-rich technology, for yourself at zero licensing fees.

Your clients will get to leverage a new marketing channel.

Agencies will be introduced to our clients looking to hire influencers.

And everyone will benefit from our revenue sharing program.

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