What Are the Benefits of Live Video Shopping?

Discover what are the benefits of live video shopping for eCommerce stores.
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We have been attending various calls and conversations with eCommerce store owners and one of the most common questions we’ve heard was related to the benefits of live video shopping. Or more specifically, why do you need to run your live video shopping software, when you have social networks, like live shopping on Facebook. After all, they have all the users, right?


But before we answer this question, let’s first understand this: What are the benefits of live video shopping?

McKinsey is doing a great job at analysing this new sales opportunity.

And it seems like some influencers manage to sell billions of USD worth of products in a matter of hours! Crazy, right?

So What’s In It For You?

  1. You benefit from a new sales channel.
  2. This new sales channel will skyrocket your sales and traffic on your website.
  3. You engage your audience. You make them remember you. You talk to them. You re-market them. You warm up the relationship you have with them. You facilitate the sale through social interaction.
  4. You become a professional. You no longer rely on free tools for your promotion. You no longer increase the engagement on someone else’s platform.
  5. You get to own the users. You get to move the users from the social platforms where they have an extremely limited attention timespan onto your portal where you get to sell them your products. You get to re-market them, to signup for your newsletter, to offer them discounts, to remember you.
  6. You get to have access to proper analytics. You get a better grip on your data and users.
  7. This is the new teleshopping wave: the interactive, digital teleshopping wave.
  8. You create a huge opportunity for PR and viral content. You get to re-use parts of the video on your products. It’s an amazing brand awareness exercise.

Is It just hype?

It’s very hard to argue with the fact that human interaction is hype.

Talking to someone is one of the most basic human activities. And buyers lack this interaction when it comes to online shopping. They only see a boring list of products. With live eCommerce, they get access to an elevated interaction level.

So Why Not Stick With the Social Platforms, Then?

First of all, StageMe can be configured to stream live, in real-time and with minimal effort on all social networks.
But the number one purpose of StageMe is to generate sales. And then increase the lifetime value of your users.
If you stick with the social networks, you practically do not own any users. You are growing someone else’s platform by delivering value and growing their platforms.
With StageMe, you get to transfer the users from the social networks to your website. You start a relationship with them. You get to re-market them, to get their email address. They get to see your brand, understand who you are, remember and come back to your store regularly.

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