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Scalable delivery
Using the best global content delivery network, we can deliver the video to an extremely high number of concurrent users, with a sub 1s delay. Sudden spikes of traffic are never an issue!
No SDK’s or apps
Our solution is web-native for both the streamers and the viewers. This means that you don't need to install and configure any apps. Just access StageMe in any browser and you're live!
Full HD support
Quality is crucial for your brand. Do not associate yourself with sub-optimal quality. That's why StageMe delivers adaptive 1080p Full HD video streaming.
Adaptive quality
The quality will automatically adapt depending on network conditions. This makes our stream work in any conditions, including unstable mobile or Wi-Fi connections.
Works with broadcasting tools
Are you looking to use editing software for live streaming like OBS or similar? You have full freedom to do so.
Compatible with any camera
You have the freedom to use your mobile phone to start the stream, or connect to any professional camera.