Connect your online shop in a few clicks

StageMe integrates with all major ecommerce solution providers, like WooCommerce and Shopify. You can also add individual products easily.

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Select your event type, host and budget

Pick from a wide range of use cases, like a product demo, unboxing or new release. Decide how much you want to invest in promoting your event and if you want to hire an influencer.

Create a Stage and schedule your stream

Schedule your live stream and decide which products you want to showcase during the event.

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Configure checkout and payment options

You can enable in-stream checkout and allow buyers to complete their purchase without leaving the session. Simply connect your Paypal, Stripe or Sezzle account. Alternatively, you can send users to your individual product page.

Decide where your stream will show up

Simultaneously display the live event on your homepage, your mobile app, re-stream to your social channels, and  enable Facebook selling through chatbot automations.

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Go live and start receiving orders

All you need is a smartphone or camera to go live. Orders will appear directly in your e-commerce portal, or can be sent directly via email for manual processing at the end of the event.

Analyze and repeat!

Every live session is a learning opportunity. Review event statistics, understand what customers want and explore ideas for your next session.

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