Sell on autopilot with Facebook comments

With StageMe's smart integration, you can reach customers directly on their Facebook newsfeed, create comment virality and leverage chatbot automations to accelerate sales

Connect your Facebook account to StageMe

With just a few clicks, you can easily connect your Facebook account and business pages to StageMe and use them for all your upcoming live sessions

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Create an event and configure Facebook selling options

Setup a new Stage, decide when your live shopping session will happen and set a magic trigger word

When you go live, the Facebook stream is created automatically

Reach relevant people through the Facebook distribution system. The live stream appears directly on your page and your follower's newsfeeds

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Viewers comment "buy" and get a checkout link, immediately

Engage your audience and encourage them to buy directly from the live stream, by using a pre-defined magic word, like "buy" or "want". After they comment, viewers get a private message with a checkout link, boosting your livestream sales

Every comment attracts more potential buyers organically

Why pay for expensive clicks when you can leverage live shopping sessions with StageMe? Engage you existing audience, expand your reach and sell on autopilot today.
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