Are You Already Using a Live Shopping Tool? Seven Questions To Ask Your Live Shopping Service Provider

What to ask your live video shopping provider
5 minutes

Are you looking for a superior live video shopping solution?

You’ve come to the right place!

But how can you know that you're going with the best video shopping service provider?

We know that most of the time, finding the right partner can be a daunting process and unfortunately, you might have to risk several failed events until you decide to go with a different provider.

This is why, in this video, we try to provide you with the right differentiating factors in choosing the right long-term partner.

Question no. 1: Do you offer a performance-based billing model or is it just consumption-based pricing?Why is this relevant? It's simple! You want a partner that also has skin in the game. A partner that earns money only if you also earn money. You don't want a partner that earns money no matter what. And this makes a huge difference in terms of the relationship that you're building. One provider will be closely involved in your success, in making sure that everything works, whereas the other one will just push you to generate as many minutes as possible. And this also means a lower risk level for you when it comes to using live video shopping.

Question no. 2: Do you offer Facebook selling?Why is this relevant? Because you can get access to a new audience, for free! The Facebook algorithm promotes live posts and it also promotes posts that have a lot of engagement (comments and likes). And since your users need to comment "buy" in order to buy something, your post might become viral.

Question no. 3: Do you offer a frictionless system?Do you offer a live video shopping system that requires no integration and even no products to be shipped?Why is this relevant? With StageMe, we offer you a super-fast option to go live that requires no technical integration. And with the Screen Share feature, the host is able to just browse your website and comment on the product listing pages.

Question no. 4: Can your system integrate with over 20 shopping cart systems? We support over 20 integrations, many of the shopping platforms as well, including Shopify, OpenCart, Prestashop, Shopware, WooCommerce and Magento. Why is this relevant? With StageMe, you can easily integrate into all these providers and we'll seamlessly insert new orders into your system for complete automation.

Question no. 5: Can you use professional cameras for broadcasting or are you stuck with mobile devices in portrait mode?Why is this relevant? With StageMe, you have the freedom to use professional equipment. You're not stuck with just the camera of a single phone in portrait mode.

Question no. 6: Is the live stream delivered in low latency, using geographically-efficient end-points? Or are you using the legacy RTMP protocol?Why is this relevant? With StageMe, the streams are delivered using the WebRTC protocol, which offers a dynamic quality / adaptive bitrate system with a distributed network of end points. And most importantly, the video has a sub-second latency.The legacy RTMP, and HLS protocols are unable to deliver real-time latency. And this is relevant when you want to broadcast contests. Or when it comes to delivering the stream to a large audience.

Question no. 7: Can you perform custom changes to the interface?Why is this relevant? With StageMe, our team can also deliver custom changes to your live video shopping system. In contrast, not all providers offer such a possibility and it's important to make sure that in the long run, your requirements are met.

As you can see, finding the right long-term partner is not always easy, but we hope we made it easier for you!