Why Do eCommerce Stores Implement Live Video Shopping? Is It Just Sales? Or Are There Other Reasons, Too?

The benefits of live eCommerce
3 minutes

Today we're curious to learn if is it just increasing sales when it comes to live video shopping. Or is it more than that?

No, we're convinced it's not just generating more sales. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

So what do eCommerce stores have to gain from live shopping events?

Well, besides generating more sales … here are eight benefits we believe your brand will achieve:

  1. You will be known as an innovator in your niche. You can be the first one to host such events and your competitors will just copy you.
  2. This means that you will create a lot of buzz in the press and on social media. It means that you can create content that has the potential to become viral. StageMe will automatically record your live sessions and you can extract video sequences that you can upload on the product listing and/or on your social channels. Your brand will get a lot of PR without large capital investments.
  3. You have the opportunity to bring over the users from social networks straight to your store. Finally, you can start a relationship with these users: re-market them and get their e-mail addresses to send them valuable content. Not to mention that you will leverage your brand and you will own these users.
  4. You have a very good reason to send out newsletters to your audience: announcing the event, right before the event and after the event to let them know that they can view the recording and benefit from the offers for a limited time.
  5. You're engaging your existing clients. You show a friendly face. You make friends with your clients. You're no longer just a boring list of products.
  6. You can host contests, new product lines, coupons, product testing and unboxings, interviews, cooking shows, pet shows etc. And you have the right tools to measure what your audience responds to best.
  7. You can also sell live on Facebook. StageMe will create the live post and users will comment on that post. As you know, live posts have a huge reach and since we motivate users to comment, this will boost the reach of the post even more, to untapped audiences, without spending a dime on advertising!
  8. People will always remember faces and human interaction. And people will always talk about something they found to be intriguing and interesting. Word of mouth is the most efficient method for user acquisition.