You Can Be a Laggard Or You Can Be An Early Adopter. Your eCommerce Competitors Are Already Doing Live Video Shopping!

About your competitors...
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We live in a world where you simply can't afford to be a laggard. You need to leverage all the channels and opportunities you have out there!

You can't afford not to be present on social media channels, you can't afford not to keep up with all the latest technology and marketing trends otherwise you will turn into a dinosaur that will disappear.

Did you know that Amazon works with a lot of marketing agencies and those agencies get all a shot to prove they're better than the other ones? And to prove to Amazon that they found a new sales or marketing technique that has better numbers than the old ones? This has huge implications on Amazons performance and what they're doing in essence, is a huge competition between highly motivated marketing professionals. No wonder they have such impressive growth.

And now that we're talking about Amazon, did you know that they started doing live video shopping in early 2019? That gives them almost a 4-year advantage over anyone else in the market. And during the shopping season, they sometimes have more than 10 thousand concurrent viewers. And they have a live show almost at any time of the day.

So what are you waiting for?