The Number ONE Struggle When It Comes to Live Video Shopping Events for eCommerce Stores

The power of live eCommerce
3 minutes

Today we are going to discuss the most pressing struggle that eCommerce store owners face for their first live events.

We noticed that most of the time, before their first event, most store owners believe that the most difficult part is allocating the right budget, finding the right setting, the right content, the right presenter or even the technical integration. In reality, none of this proves to be problematic.

You don’t need a huge budget to run live events. With StageMe, we’ve made it simple and cost-effective to go live.

You no longer have to be a big brand to leverage live video shopping. You simply need a smartphone and a host.

You have the option to integrate it onto your page or even faster, you can just announce it on your social platforms or via newsletter and just share the StageMe event link.

No developers are needed! You don’t need a fancy studio, or complex scripts. Your audience wants to see authenticity, they hate scripts and directed content.

So then, what is the main problem store owners struggle with?

During live shows, there is a high user concurrency and the websites can’t always handle the traffic. Plus, there is a high amount of orders that might generate delays.

The effects of seeing a genuine presenter opening, testing, reviewing and talking about a specific product are huge on your audience! The emotional effects caused by urgency and lack of availability are huge and this translates into impulsive shopping which translates into a spike in sales for your company.

So what’s the StageMe Guarantee? We’ve seen it over and over again and we’re so confident that you’re going to be successful that we’re very comfortable in saying this: For every 50k followers, you could generate 2k visitors for your live shopping events which in turn will generate you at least $20k in sales during a single live event!

We guarantee these numbers or you pay us nothing! If you send your audience the newsletters and if you announce the events on your social channels, you should be able to re-create these benchmark numbers easily!